Product Updates - May 2023

At KIT we've been working hard on improving the way things work, and as such we thought it would be a good idea to let you know about some changes and updates that have been rolled out this month.

Check out the details below...

Move an Item

Some of our customers mentioned that their items tend to move between locations, for example, from one production line to another or across departments. We've created a feature which allows items to be moved from one non-visual location to another. To move an item, select the item you would like to move and click the 'Move Item' button.

Item Details and Summary

As more features have been added to KIT, the number of buttons used to access features has become somewhat cluttered. As such we've introduced a 'View item' page which summarises all relevant item information and allows users to navigate to other useful features, such as 'find another', 'report issue', the new 'Move a Tool' feature and all calibration functions.

Improved Adding Items Process

Many of our customers are now adding lots of additional tools and equipment to KIT.

To make life easier we've improved how tools can be added to non-visual locations.

From a single screen it is now possible to add a tool to an inventory location, along with its item specific information such as serial numbers, unique identifiers and calibration requirements, etc.

Name Changes

Most customers are now using KIT to manage far more than just tools in foam (which we love!) and so you will notice that the word 'pad' (typically where our customers started storing tools) will be replaced with the word 'location'.

There are several more exciting new developments being released over the coming months which we will keep you updated on.

In the meantime, if you would like any more information or help with these recent changes then simply let us know - we'd be pleased to help!

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